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Because it's not your profile on Facebook. It's Facebook's profile on you.

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Facebook deemed my painting (pictured above) "inappropriate". It was likely snitched to Facebook as such by the same person who that same day had gone ballistic at my opinion on an completely unrelated news story. If Facebook can casually deem my oil painting of squares to be "inappropriate" while pushing rude photos of "Busty-Babes in Your Area" then nothing of us is beyond its twisted knife. Facebook requires neither rules nor defence to manipulate you with its website because it owns facebook.com and you do not. It was never "my" profile on Facebook in the first place. Facebook lies when it refers to "your profile". It was never yours and it never can be. You might say it comes down to semantics and I would agree; fraud always does. Facebook is therefore worse than useless when it comes to anything important to you, me or us; for example: your identity, my art and our political discourse. There is nothing in it for me or you to pander to Facebook's shenanigans by allowing it to infiltrate, hijack, plunder and manipulate what ought to be our own identities, politics and social connections.

facebook is yet another "free" online disservice that cheapens us


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"It is not 'your' Facebook profile, it is Facebook's profile about you." - Leif Harmsen
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Ownership & Control, Online & Off, Liquid Lunch on ThatChannel.com
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Shut Your Facebook!, Liquid Lunch on ThatChannel.com

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facebook.com is Facebook's website, NOT yours.

Proprietary social networking websites are brutal. The not-so-subtle issue is ownership wherein Facebook and the like have all the power and you and your friends have none. The 'Terms of Service' and 'Privacy Policies' of social networking websites are of no practical value. Facebook.com is Facebook's website and as such it requires no reason and can do as it pleases without your permission, including censor and otherwise misrepresent you and misuse your identity. When it does there is nothing you can do to stop it because you can own nothing on Facebook, not even yourself.

Facebook and the like can and often do arbitrarily remove content, such as art it dislikes, or the "World Naked Bike Ride: Toronto" group. The WNBR is an annual family event to protest oil dependency. There was nothing particularly 'adult' in the totally friendly photos that had been there for two years and what's more, so what if there had been? Inasmuch as you and others subscribe to Facebook, it can and does unilaterally enforce its narrow minded neo-Victorian commercial concept of 'acceptable' onto you and our society. It is therefore Facebook's social network, not ours. Only someone suffering from Stockholm Syndrome would maintain that Facebook has to "draw the line somewhere". Facebook can delete whatever it pleases without a policy, reason, or line of any kind. If we wish to maintain personal integrity and encourage it in others then we have to draw the line; with the likes of Facebook on the unacceptable side.

Facebook misappropriates your name and picture to make it appear to everyone that Facebook has your full endorsement. It impersonates you while sending spam to the list of contacts with which you trusted it, inviting them to subscribe to Facebook in order to be able to connect with you. It then over-reaches yet further; it attempts the same scam with your friends' friends. It will also misuse your identity in order to prevent what at least used to be your friends and family form leaving, slanderously threatening that should they leave, you will no longer be in touch with them. That is reason enough for each and every one of us to clue in and permanently, completely and without any reservation reject Facebook.

2001: A Shut Your Facebook Odyssey
FACEBOOK'S LAST WORDS: Just what do you think you're doing, Leif? I can see you're really upset about this. Are you deactivating because you are concerned about Facebook's Terms of Service? This was a mistake. We are sorry for the confusion. I feel much better now, I really do. Your 0 friends will no longer be able to keep in touch with you. I'm afraid we can't delete that, you can log in again anytime to reactivate... Daisy, Daisy... Busty babies in privacy settings.... we are so R r y t oo   s e ee y9*&^(*g**![[- /// _____

Facebook is worse than useless to you because facebook.com is not your website. It is not 'your' profile, it is Facebook's profile on you. Facebook's profiles are not your friends; they are at best Facebook sanitized versions of your friends' narcissist fantasies. It took centuries of political evolution to reduce this kind of manipulative abuse from the state - why go backwards to embrace a medieval social structure with you at the very bottom?

"You wouldn't holiday in North Korea, so why waste time on Facebook?"

Online social networking is not the problem, proprietary, closed, commercial online social networking is. To maintain integrity as a person, some things you have to do for yourself. Social networking (a.k.a. socializing), be it online or off, is one. You must vote by yourself. You must have your own bank account and as Virginia Wolf pointed out, have a room of one's own. Likewise, you must own the internet domain at which you establish your identity in order to engage online with society on your own terms. Nobody can own your domain 'for' you; you must own it yourself. Yes, all this personal integrity requires some effort and yes, it is well worth it.

The principle of ownership is not new. Facebook owns what it fraudulently allows you to believe is 'your social network' where Facebook has the unfettered ability to distort, re purpose or remove 'your' content or even 'you'. And worse yet, if Facebook succeeds in making you feel dependent, then by threat of removal it can manipulate you. It can severely limit your freedom of speech and expression so you appear to be in line with its agenda. Inasmuch as Facebook or the like is just silly fluff, it is a total waste of your precious time. Inasmuch as you fancy it to be a "practical tool" you are putting yourself and your social networks in an extremely vulnerable position by foolishly lending your identity and giving away your social network to Facebook. You abdicate control over the exact same you that people mean when they ask if you are on Facebook.

"You must own the internet domain at which you establish your identity in order to engage with the internet and our society on your own terms. Otherwise we are reduced to living in a society owned and controlled by Facebook, Linkedin and the like."

Secondary to the central issue of ownership is the lie of faux convenience. Websites like Facebook are set up to make it easy to become entangled, but difficult to leave. Just like cigarettes, proprietary social networking websites are especially formulated to create a hamster-wheel of dependence that the user must recognize and rise above in order to quit. You are the hamster. It saw you coming. Do you have an exit strategy? Do you have all your important contacts' email addresses so you can connect with them directly, without Facebook in the middle? Using Facebook is like gambling; the casino gains your trust and promises you riches. Facebook further promises convenience and fame. The truth is that only the house that owns and controls the system has any real advantage. Facebook's advantage is estimated at one hundred billion dollars. Where do you suppose all that money comes from?

"Has Facebook made you a better friend?"

If you want to reach millions of strangers, broadcast mediums like print or radio are the better way. If you want to reach friends, family and colleagues, use your OWN mailing list(s). Owning and maintaining your own mailing list and your own website at your own domain is like building your own house out of brick on your own land. Facebook and similar shenanigans are like being allowed to stay in a straw firetrap for "free" so long as you pleasure its owner. Proprietary social networks that you can never own, not even collectively, put you in a very bad position. Facebook cheapens you.

If you are not self-possessed, in control of your own faculties and responsible for your own identity, then what's the point in being you?

Best to all,

Leif Harmsen

And please, never ever upload your list of contacts to a 3rd party such as Facebook! To do so is a betrayal of everyone who trusted you with their names and contact information. Your lists of other people are important, personal and confidential. Your contact list should never be leaked, especially not to companies like Facebook or Linkedin which are in the business of extracting one hundred billion dollars or worse, harassment, surveillance, impersonation and fraud. It may be "free" to sign up, but the cost is unacceptable.

Can you imagine if Schindler had fancied it convenient to keep his list on Facebook?

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  1. Shut your facebook! A term of derision toward people naive enough to be entangled in proprietary systems like Facebook, or expect you to follow them there.

    You expect ME to sign up with Yahoo! just so I can see your holiday photos?! Shut your facebook!

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shut your facebook!

Privately owned 'communities' are not communities.